Toners Cartridges

Inspect the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Feed Rollers

1. Turn the printer off and remove the AC power cable from the back of the printer.

2. Open the ADF cover

3. Gently rotate the feed rollers located where the paper feeds into the printer.

4. Slightly dampen a soft lint-free cloth or paper towel with a neutral detergent or water and wipe away any loose toner or contamination from the feed rollers until they are clean and dry

5. Close the ADF cover.


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Reseat the Fuser Dell 2135cn Printer

Notice: To protect the drums of the print cartridges against bright light, close the front cover within 5 minutes. If the front cover remains open for more than 5 minutes, print quality may deteriorate.  
Note: Remove any print jobs from the center output tray, and close the multipurpose feeder cover before opening the front cover.

To reseat the fuser, perform the following steps:

   1. Turn off the printer and wait for 30 minutes.
   2. Push the side button and open the front cover
   3. Pull the lever of the Fuser Assembly to release the lock 

Location of the Fuser Lever

Location of the Fuser Lever

    4. Disengage the connector of the fuser assembly by pulling the right side of the fuser assembly toward you with the  lever released
   5. Lift up the fuser assembly to remove it from the printer.
   6. To reinstall the fuser, follow steps 2 through 5 in reverse.

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CTD Sensor Error 009-340 (Y, M, C, K)

First we Recommend

Turn the printer off.

 Wait 10 seconds.

 Turn the printer on.

 Determine if the issue still occurs.

1.  Open the front cover.

2.  Put a piece of paper on the transfer belt to protect it from scratches and from light damage. (Don’t cover the left and right of the belt guards with the paper.)

3.  Rotate the four stoppers of the PHD counter clock wise 90 degrees to release the locks.

5.  Remove the PHD unit toward you by pulling it by the left and right handles.

6.  Lift up the PHD unit from the printer.  Be careful to avoid scratching the transfer belt.

7.  Remove the protective sheet from the front of the PHD unit.

8.  Reinstall the PHD unit and secure the 4 tabs.

9.  Close the front cover of the printer.


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Printer 2135 Color Laser MFP

Technical Support for Printer 2135 Color Laser MFP

Printer Communication Failure  Dell 2135cn Printer
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Wait 10 seconds.
3. Turn the printer on.
4. Determine if the issue still occurs.

Restart the Computer
Click Start bottom
Turn off computer or shut down
If the computer will not shut down, it may be necessary to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to force the sustem to power off. press the power button again to power on the computer

Check the Printer LCD For Error Messages

Read the printer’s LCD and/or LEDs to determine the error message. 031-xxx error

SMB Error 031-523:

Using the Operator Panel on the printer:
With the printer turned on, press the down  arrow button until you highlight SETUP, then press the select button .
Press the down  arrow button to scroll to Reports, then press the select button .
System Settings should be the first report option indicated. If so, then just press the select button . If not, then press the right  or left  arrow button until System Settings is indicated, then press the select button  to print the System Settings report
Under the heading Wired Network, find the line IP Address to verify or obtain the assigned IP address.
the IP address is, and the printer is connected to a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) network, wait a few minutes for the IP address to resolve automatically, and then try printing the System Settings page again. If the IP address is still zeroes, contact the network administrator for assistance.

Using the Tool Box:
Open the Tool Box and go to the Printer Settings Report tab.
Choose the Reports option from the list at the left side of the page.
Click the Printer Settings button to print the report.

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Compatible toner cartridges vs. OEM cartridges.

Today, compatible cartridges are just as good as OEM cartridges. They key is to find a provider with a reliable product. Some compatible cartridges offer even better results in terms of page yield and printing quality. There are many manufacturers of compatible toner that follow very strict rules and are certified by ISO 9001 quality.

It is true also that many compatible cartridges manufactured in China or refurbished by inexperienced technicians offer disappointing performances and scare consumers away from generic toner. The compatible toner industry is growing exponentially every year. This is due to more conscience about recycling and the need for all businesses to be more efficient managing expenses. Buying toner from a well-known retailer that offers a clear warranty and stands behind its products can be an excellent way to save hundreds of dollars (and even thousands) on the life time of printer.

Some consumers prefer to save on toner by refilling the cartridges themselves, although the process may seem easy, the true is that the technology used by almost all cartridges today is more than just toner powder. Cartridges are made with chips and sensors that need to be reset or replaced for any printer to work properly. Failing to replace those sensors in some printers can create confusion mostly in printers working in network environments. For the most popular printers the best way to save on toner is to replace the entire cartridge by a compatible one and then proceed to refill that cartridge, since the compatible versions do not use any codes in the chips to prevent recycling. Again, refills can be a messy process and sometimes it is preferable to buy compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges are around 70% less than OEM cartridges, risking quality in order to save more may not be a good idea. Some heavy printing small businesses don’t even consider buying a printer or copier if there’s not a proven generic toner in the market.

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